About Us

As two full-time music students studying percussion, we at Mallets For All saw a desperate need for affordable marimbas and xylophones throughout our community. So we took it upon ourselves to learn to make them! 
Based in Chicago, our mission is to provide greater access to high-quality instruments to people who might not have the means to purchase a name-brand professional model.
We keep our environmental footprint and costs down by using padauk for our bars instead of rosewood. All bars are tuned with care to 440 Hz. The frames are made of beautifully finished oak.
The rails break down into 3 pieces each, making our instruments some of the most portable on the market!
Production times are estimates. We are a two-person team, so patience is always appreciated! We do our absolute best to stick to our time estimates, but if it takes a bit longer, it is because we are doing everything we can to make sure your instrument is as high-quality as possible.